On the last day of President Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, PM Modi sent a beautiful letter to President.

In response to the letter, President Mukherjee took to Twitter and expressed his love for PM Modi. He said, “On my last day in office as the President, I received a letter from PM Narendra Modi that touched my heart! Sharing with you all.”

In the letter, PM Modi described Mukherjee as warm, affectionate and caring. He also wrote in his letter; “Pranab Da, our political journeys took shape in different political parties. Our ideologies, at times, have been different. Yet, such is the strength of your intellect and wisdom that we were able to work together with synergy,” he wrote.

“Your wisdom, guidance and personal warmth have given me greater confidence and strength. That you are a repository of knowledge is well known. Your intellectual prowess has constantly helped my government and me,” PM Modi added.

“Three years ago, I came to New Delhi as an outsider. The task before me was huge and challenging. In these times, you have always been a father figure and a mentor to me,” the letter stated.

“You belong to a generation of leaders for whom politics was simply a means to selflessly give back to society. India will always be proud of you, a President who was a humble public servant and an exceptional leader,” PM Modi said.

Pranab Da’s encouragement, guidance and inspiration and support will continue to guide India, PM Modi added.

On Pranab Da’s generous message, PM Modi took to Twitter. He wrote: “Pranab Da, I will always cherish working with you.”

Have a look at PM Modi’s tweet:


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