Bhamashah Yojna

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje announced that she will contest the upcoming Assembly election in the state from the Jhalrapatan constituency in Jhalawar district. Putting all the speculations to the rest, CM Raje made this declaration on Sunday. CM Raje said,’My connection with Jhalawar is 30-year-old and will last till my last breath.’

Raje said, ‘The people here have showered love and affection. I have done whatever I could do for Jhalawar and Baran districts.’ Raje has been elected thrice from the Jhalrapatan seat – in 2003, 2008 and 2013. With the announcement, Raje became the first BJP candidate for the upcoming assembly elections in the state.

Emphasizing her connection with Jhalawar, CM said, ‘My connection with my voter is that of a mother, a sister. Both the Jhalawar and Baran have attained new heights in terms of development in the last three decades.’

‘Of the eight seats, six seats were from Jhalawar and Baran districts. People of Jhalawar-Baran would not make any mistake this time and saffron would bloom in the state again.’ CM Raje added.

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Claiming another thumping victory in the state

CM Raje confirms that her focus would be to win all the 200 Assembly seats in the Rajasthan Assembly, special attention would be on 100 seats. Raje exuded confidence that the BJP would form a majority government in the state once again.

The chief minister said that BJP has created a situation that Congress’s PM-face Rahul Gandhi is forced to hold Assembly-level public meetings. Talking to booth level workers CM Raje said, ‘In 2008, BJP got 78 seats while Congress got 96 votes. ‘We had lost 6 seats from Jhalrapata-Baran to Congress, which should not repeat in 2018.’

The Bharatiya Janata party claims another thumping victory under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. The Rajasthan will hold the polls on December 7 and the results will come out on December 11.


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