We can’t deny the apparent fact that the ruling state government has introduced the most number of schemes till now. Rajasthan saw the maximum number of innovative plans and is elevating above from the levels of an under-developed state. The schemes brought by CM Vasundhara Raje are in favour of poor and rural population who had left all hopes of rise. Balika Saksham Yojana is one considerable plan introduced by the state government.

The scheme has been introduced to alter the facet of Rajasthan where the girls of rural families will not feel helpless anymore. The project is designed to train the girls with all necessary techniques of handling the physical abuses and sudden attacks.

Where in the country, the sudden rise of women crimes have threatened the masses, Rajasthan government welcomed this scheme to make the adolescent girls self-sufficient. Under this, extensive training will be provided to 1.5 lakh young girls with the motive of introducing them to the spirit of self-reliance from their young age only. In the current scenarios of threat, the scheme has got wide recognition and praise.

CM Raje has a vision for self-sufficient Rajasthan and this scheme is an attempt towards the execution of that. As the scheme is purely dedicated to the young generation of the state, it will help building a new confident Rajasthan state.

Scheme Motives

The scheme has dual motives of training the girls with right technique and tools and teaching the boys to choose the right path. It strives to develop the environment of respect and peace in the state so that a better future can be discovered.

No society can have a better tomorrow without the progress of womanhood in it. This training cum awareness campaign is dedicated to prevail the right mindset among women of the state. They must understand their rights and roles in the development of the society.  On the other side, men must learn to respect their counterparts and appreciate their efforts.


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