To save daughters of the state, Rajasthan government has initiated many attempts to bring success in this. The campaign of saving the girl child is getting success now. With schemes inline, live birth rate of girl child sex determination have dropped with a drastic drop. There have been a huge improvement by 16 points. To give it strength, the state government started Mukhbir Yojana. To save girl children, to consolidate the execution of PCPNDT, the scheme was introduced. Under this scheme, people who provide ingrained information of gender investigation and brun investigation, they will be honoured with the set money amount.

People who will inform about the accused and help the government, will be given Rs. 2.5 lakh gift price. This amount will be given in three installments by the government. Now, government also provide the money to woman who helps in the decoy operation. The money amount is also provided to the helper.

CM Raje has run plethora of schemes to save girl children of the state. To balance the sex ratio and increase girl children, government has also introduced sonography machines with GPS technology. These machines can be tracked with teh help of GPS. Hence, if at any place, the government tracks the case of sex determination, then they can track it with PCPNDT.

To take care of rapidly decreasing sex ratio, the state government fabricated many schemes. These schemes had positive impact on the birth of daughters. Presently, there are 32 such running schemes in the state which are proving to be very lucrative for the girl children. Schemes like toll free number 104-108 and Mukhbir Yojana have got quite a recognition in the state. Other schemes like Subhlaxmi and Rajlaxmi provide benefits on the birth of girl child. This scheme provides the monetary benefits to the beneficiary directly.


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