happy mothers day

Fresh blossoms and Mother’s Day go hand-in-hand. Flowers have always been a traditional gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special days. The tradition hasn’t changed through the years. As soon as festivals and special days come near, the sale of flowers soars high perhaps because nothing beats the beauty of a handpicked bouquet of fresh blossoms. Here are best picks of this season.

  1. Pink Carnations

Soft colors, delicate fragrance, simple green leaves and frilly, fluffy petals, pink carnations are traditional mother’s day flowers that symbolize timeless love. The flower was believed to have grown from the ground where Mother Mary shed tears over her beloved Jesus’ death. The ‘heavenly flowers’ are often tucked behind tiger lilies, roses and other big blossoms to create a pleasant looking bouquet for recipients.

1 pink carnations

They were first included as a part of Mother’s Day tradition in 1907. Thereafter, white and pink carnations were used as traditional Mother’s Day bouquet. A fresh bunch of carnations symbolize fascination, love and devotion. They mean you’ll keep the recipient in your memories forever.

  1. Tulips

2 tulip

With their colorful ‘turban’ like appearance, bright tulips remind us of springs in the Netherlands. They’re symbolic of feminine qualities—elegance and grace, which is why they’re best-suited for Mother’s day. Do you wish to express your warmth and affection for your mom? Go for a gorgeous bouquet of pink and white tulips.

  1. Sunshine Roses

3 sunshine roses

The traditional ‘Valentine’s Day Flower’ has become a popular choice for Mother’s Day bouquet today. Not many people know that roses are symbolic of motherhood. They were initially used to please Goddess Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of love and beauty) and Mother Isis (the ideal mother). A multicolored bunch of roses represent happiness (pink), friendship (yellow) and love (red). They make ideal gifts from daughters to mothers.

  1. Orchids

4 orchids

During Victorian Era, orchids were considered rare exotic beauty that represents refined tastes and luxury. They’re symbolic of delicate beauty, friendship, elegance and integrity. Therefore, orchids make the most perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

  1. Daisies

5 Daisies

Big, bright Gerbera daisies represent happy feelings. Daisies are available in bold shades of yellow, red, orange and pink shades.

These were our top 5 picks for Mother’s Day! Go ahead and surprise your beautiful mothers with a special, out-of-the-ordinary bunch.


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