Rajasthan that has recently witnessed a tremendous improvement in child sex ratio (938 girls to 1000 boys) has come up with a unique way to show its love towards daughters. Rajasthan’s Pali district is going to organise one of the biggest birthday celebrations in India. This mega-birthday bash will rope in 5,000 girls in Pali that were born from September 2016 to January 2017.

The Pali collectorate has prepared a list of all girl birthdays falling in last six months. The authorities will send special invites to the families that have witnessed the birth of a lovely baby girl. The newborns will be attending their birthday bash with their parents. While the mothers will cut the cakes, the girl children will be presented with new clothes on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 14 and 15). All this is a part of a special government mission called Poorna Shakti.

Mission Poorna Shakti to Spread the Message of Gender Inequality in Pali

The chief objective of Poorna Shakti mission is to send a strong message across that the girls are no less than boys in any fields. It’s essential to take this message to remote rural settings, where families still follow a patriarchal system in the society. Therefore, all the Gram Panchayats of Pali district have come together to organise a district-level function to commemorate the birth of girls in villages.

Considering the poor girl child ratio of Pali in last few years, the Centre had launched Mission Poorna Shakti to empower female children in Pali. Under this mission, the district had celebrated 27,000 birthdays since its inception.

District Collector of Pali Kumar Pal Gautam is excited about this plan. Government officials have made special arrangements for the birthday party. This mega-bash is going to have drums, music, sweets and musicians singing regional congratulatory songs to celebrate the birthing of girls. This function is sponsored by Shani Dham Trust, who’re willing to collaborate with the government to pitch innovative schemes like this.

Being a traditional Indian state, most people don’t celebrate the birthday of young girls in Rajasthan. In order to remove gender biasness and prejudice from the society, it’s essential to change this mentality. By arranging such birthday parties every year, the officers will attempt to welcome new girls in the world, just like the families welcome the birthing of a male heir.

Their excitement is really contagious since it quickly spread to all the villages falling under Pali district administration. Hopefully the cheers and joys of this mission will continue to next year, as well.


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