The grand 3-day agricultural meet ‘GRAM 2017’ concluded in a vivid, beautiful ceremony organised at RAC ground Kota today. The chief guests at GRAM closing ceremony—agriculture minister of Rajasthan Dr. Prabhulal Saini, Member of Parliament for Kota-Bundi Mr. Om Prakash Birla and chief guest Mr. C.R. Chaudhary union minister of state for food and public distribution & consumer affairs.

The ministers offered an insight into Rajasthan’s agricultural potential and encouraged our farmers to break free from traditional agriculture practices. It’s necessary for our agriculturists to experiment with novel technologies, such as apiculture, pisciculture, citrus fruit production, pearl farming etc. to double their profits.

Dr. Prabhulal Saini took this opportunity to inform the audience about major accomplishments of the desert state in the field of agriculture. Despite acute water scarcity and harsh climate, Rajasthan is excelling in production of fruits, olives, mushrooms, date palms, cereals, seed spices and countless other commodities. Use of drip irrigation, rain water harvesting technology & soil health cards are major factors that contribute to this grand success.

Shri. Prabhu Lal Saini (Cabinet Minister: Agriculture Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries)

6000 crores soil health cards have already been issued to Indian farmers. Out of these, about 45,000 cards were allotted to Rajasthan farmers. The farmers used this card to get acquainted with soil health.

Around 40 thousand farmers from all over Rajasthan congregated at Kota Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet to get familiar with novel agricultural technologies. 55 thousand more have signed up for Udaipur GRAM, scheduled in November 2017 this year.

Dr. Saini’s address was followed by an outstanding valedictory ceremony held in the honour of Rajasthan farmers. The ministers felicitated farmers for their outstanding performance in agriculture and related sectors. Total 8 prizes were given in gardening & horticulture, 4 in animal husbandry and 6 in dairy farming.

The following recipients were honoured with prestigious awards—

8 Awards in Horticulture & Gardening

  • Guvava, fruit production and supply of fresh produce to distant mandis: Sri Seeta Lal, Bundi.
  • Irrigation via rainwater harvesting and growth of medicinal/fruit crops: Mr. Kamal Mahajan, Baran.
  • Implementation of 21 basic rules of agriculture and animal husbandry: Devesh kumar baran

4 Awards in Dairy & animal husbandry

  • Mr. Lal Gunjan from Kota: Maintaining a dairy farm with 125 animals.
  • Mr. Vijrendra Singh, Bundi: Organic agriculture, pisciculture and horse rearing.
  • Mr. Udai Pratap Singh, Baran: Goat management, poultry farming and pisciculture.
  • Mr. Tej Singh, Jhalawar: Employing drip irrigation for orange cultivation and managing dairy farms.

6 Awards in Milk Production and Dairy Farming

  • Mr. Dhanraj received the award on behalf of Co-operative Milk Society, Grarda, Kota: 135 dairy farmers associated with this group produce 1852 litres of milk per day
  • Co-operative milk society limited, Chabli, Jhalawar: 100 farmers associated with this group produce 225 lt milk per day.
  • Best milk producer (male): Sri Udailal Grarda, Kota produces 100 litres of milk per day.
  • Best milk producer (male): Mr. Karan Singh from Jhavla, Jhalawar produces 25 litre milk per day.
  • Best milk producer (female): Mrs. Nandu Yadav from Kota (35 litre milk per day).
  • Best milk producer (female): Kailash Kamal from Jhalawar (15 litre milk per day).

The ceremony ended with the release of Dr. Saini’s book “Rajasthan Vikas Drishti”, inaugurated by chief guest Mr. C.R. Chaudhary. Thrilled with this success, we now look forward to upcoming GRAM ceremony in November. See you at Udaipur!!!

Release of Dr. Saini’s book “Rajasthan Vikas Drishti


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