Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur was trolled for her social media posts propagating India-Pakistan peace. The 20-year old spelled out her views and this democratic country, so to say has condemned her posts and hounded her to the core.

To top it all, the girl was threatened with rape threats after she rolled out a video in which she held a placard saying “Pakistan did not kill my father. War did”. The video spread like forest fire.

A series of tweets followed, which slammed and trolled her reasons more than one. People from nowhere have emitted and taken out their decade-long frustrations on this intelligent yet feisty girl. She has suffered a lot and seems to have given up.

After having faced vitriol on Twitter and several rape threats, Kaur withdrew from her own movement and went back to her hometown, Jalandhar.

Kaur initiated a genuine drive to put forward her point very peacefully. She didn’t back anybody. She was just being a citizen of a democratic country.

The 20-year-old Lady Shri Ram College Gurmehar has been labeled as ‘anti-national’ by people who call themselves ‘patriots’.

Gurmehar tweeted, “ I have been throughout a lot and this is all my 20-year old self could take”.

Many celebrities and known people took to their twitter accounts to voice their opinions on the movement. There is a mixed bag of opinions which the agitation has sparked.

Have A Look:

Randeep Hooda

Kiren Rijiju

Javed Akhtar


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