They say “You can achieve anything if you have the grit, dedication and will power”. Rupa Yadav, a girl from Jaipur’s Kareri village becomes a living example to have proved this. She was a child bride, married at eight and sent to her husband’s home before she passed Class 10. With her marriage, Rupa’s dream of becoming a doctor also shattered into pieces. But she recollected the bits and has now emerged as lady-boss.

Rupa got married while she was studying in class 3rd at the age of 8. She was married to a 12-year-old Shankar Lal, who was in the 7th standard then. when she was eight years old. being a child marriage, she was exposed to multiple hardships and troubles. Rupa has now turned 20 and she is all geared up to be admitted into a government medical college in Rajasthan.

Rupa has now become a role model for many girls gripped in the clutches of child marriage. Rupa tussled with child-marriage issues and is now entering the medical college with full consensus from her parents and in-laws.

After marriage, Rupa had the lurking desire to study further. And hence, she took admission into a nearby private college. Rupa was showered love and support galore from her husband and brother. Her education expenses were met by her well-wishers, especially her brother and brother in law who drove auto-rickshaws.

Rupa finally passed Class XII, but that did not mean the destination for her. She was yearning for more. After clearing XII, she went to pursue a BSc degree, while she also appeared for the All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) to study medicine. Although Rupa didn’t qualify for MBBS, she continued the hassle. “Someone suggested I go to Kota to get coached for the competition. But I was unsure of my in-laws’ assent,” she said.

Rupa appeared for the medical test second time but to no avail. Everybody condemned the family’s decision but Rupa’s husband posed great faith in her. She continued to live in Kota for the second year as the coaching institute waived off three-quarter (75%) for the fees.

“When the coaching institute where I was enrolled waived 75% of my fees, my husband found it easier to convince the family to let me be there for one more year,” Rupa said.

There is light at the end of tunnel In this year’s NEET, she scored 603 out of 720 and secured a national rank of 2,283. She’s participating in

In NEET 2017, Rupa scored 603 out of 720. “I’m hoping to get into SMS Medical College in Jaipur,” she expressed. She secured a national rank of 2,283 and hence, stands a bright chance of getting admitted into the Rajasthan medical college.

News inputs: Hindustan Times


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