Farmers Needs – the top-most priority for Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje…

CM Raje approved the provisions of New Agricultural Connection Policy-2017 on Sunday.

What is Agricultural Connection Policy-2017?

The Agricultural connection policy has the dual-aim of benefitting farmers while saving electricity. The connection policy is a pragmatic policy which ensures optimum utilization of available power resources.

Residents in the vicinity of Indira Gandhi Canal Project (IGNP)

The farmers residing near the Indira Gandhi Canal Project were not entitled to prioritised power connection facilities. However, post the connection policy, marginal farmers will be able to have on-prioritised access to power connections.

How is the new connection policy different?

Overriding priority: The provision of overriding priority till three years for issuing demand note of up to 5 horse power (HP) agricultural connection has been integrated into the new connection policy.

Farmers residing in the vicinity up to 1 km from the IGNP will also be able to benefit from the new policy.

Interest rate: The interest rate for restoring disconnected connections has been slashed down to 12% from the earlier 16%.

Farmers who set up five-star rated pumps

For those farmers who will set up five-star rated pumps certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the government will allot a 20 HP connection.

This implies that those farmers who will set up certified five-star rated pumps will be eligible for a Rs 750per HP relaxation in the form of the grant. Previously, however, the grant was provided to customers who had voluntarily set up 3-star rated pumps.

Time Limit under Martyr Quota

The new policy has disregarded any time limit for issuing connection under martyr quota. In other words, now the family member of martyrs will be eligible for electricity connection.

Thanks to this new policy. The farmers will now be able to revive cancelled demand notes by a mere payment of Rs 500 till 5 years. Previously, the amount is supposed to be deposited in 90 years.


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