Rape cases in the country have grabbed attention of all police officers who are now on a high alert. Nonetheless, there were a slew of fake rape cases which were filed, which had caused a lot of trouble for the police. However, an entirely different story has come to the forefront now. A group of four people have robbed many innocent people on the pretext of spreading their videos portarying them in unfair practices. (Videos of rape which never happened).

The Special Operations Group (SOG) of Rajasthan police on Wednesday claimed a major breakthrough in honeytrapping case after it arrested Nitesh Bandhu, one of the two masterminds of the racket that extorted Rs 12 crore from 25 victims by implicating them in false rape cases.

This is not all, three others who aided him in getting shelter were also discovered and arrested.

Nitesh Bandu, along with his brother Manish Bandu, Neeraj Meena and Anil Meena have been arrested by Jaipur police.

Nonetheless, Naveen Devani, the prime operator of the gang, is still absconding. Hunt for Naveen is in full swing. The group has persistently indulged in unwise activities like trafficking women and honey-trap people. It is believed that the gang has extorted crores of rupees, the ADG said.

“This racket was the brainchild of two advocates, Naveen Devani and Nitesh Badndhu. The duo along with Anand Shandilya and Akshat Sharma extorted money from people,” he added.

The gang has been largely involved in blackmailing and extorting funds from innocent people. Funds were collected by threatening them of false rape allegations.

The group planted rape stories for all innocent, by making videos demonstrating them in bad light. In order to save themselves, batter of girls who were quizzed paid chunks of amount to save themselves from defamation.

Dinesh MN added that gang members Akshat and Ananad would dig out targets, then introduced girls to affluent people, and laid a trap. Consequentially, the girl would file a rape case and take victim to court.

Dr. Sumit Soni, a city based doctor had approached SOG, he claimed that he was framed in a fake rape case and his family had to pay crores of rupees in extortion. “Acting on Soni’s complaint, the sleuth discovered the nuances of the entire racket.

The modus operandi of the gang was first to set a bait fo victims and then collect video evidence to blackmail the victim.


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