Rajasthan houses a myriad of festivals throughout the year to amuse the audience and state dwellers. Another upcoming festival, Mahaveerji Fair is one of the most celebrated festivals in Rajasthan. It is a colourful, sanct festival.

The Mahaveerji fair is held in honor of the 24th Jain tirthankara, Shri Mahavir Swami.

A notable location at the Mahaveerji Fair is undoubtedly the Mahaveerji temple.

It is believed that the image of Mahavir Swami in the temple was unearthed by a leather worker in a nearby hillock. The festival is held during the period between Chaitra Shukla Ekadasi and Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya.

The devotees offer a religious offerings like crystallized sugar, sandalwood, saffron, white flowers and camphor.

Another highlight of this special festival is the Rath Yatra. There is an impressive procession which takes place. It ushers in various devotees who indulge in heartfelt humming and singing of various prayers.

The yatra ends when the procession reaches the Mahaveer ji temple. It is a brilliant way to express their affection and belief in the Mahavir.


Venue: Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

Date: 09/04/2017 – 09/04/2017

This is not only a fair for fun and thrill. This festival also offers a great opportunity for all the state businessman. It is a much-awaited opportunity for all local traders and suppliers. Manty look forward to this fair. This is an yearly affair and hence is awaited by a plethora of businessman.

Along with an exquisite experience which this state offers, it also provides a great shopping experience to the visitors.

This festival is a perfect confluence of tradition, shopping and also boasts of godly nuances as this day celebrates Mahavir Swami, the creator and founder of Jainism.

Tourists come flocking to this festival in large numbers. They not only visit the Mahaveerji fair but also visit the Mahaveerji temple.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm by all Mahavir believers and devotees.



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