Locker facility, cloakroom facility to become costlier for passengers travelling from Indian Railways

Indian Railway

Soon, passengers who stow their luggage in railway cloakrooms and lockers would have to shell out more for availing the service. Indian Railway

The facility of stowing luggage at Indian Railways is going to become costlier soon. Passengers wanting to use the locker facility will have to shell out more for keeping their belongings safe in railways custody. Indian Railway

The Railways have been empowered to introduce a bidding system and a computerised inventory. Also, the railways will now be able to raise fees every year. Indian Railway

Current Rent Fares of Indian Railways

The cloak room rent is Rs 15 for 24 hours. For the locker facility, railways will charge Rs 20 for 24 hours and Rs 30 for every additional 24 hours or part thereof.

The base price fees for keeping luggage in the cloak room will be decided by an innovative bidding system. “The successful bidder may be allowed fixed escalation in charges on a yearly basis,” the policy document said. Indian Railway

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The new Railways policy decision

According to the new policy decision, “It has, now been decided that DRMs shall have full powers for upward revision of the cloak room and locker tariff at stations based on their local conditions.” Indian Railway

The service of cloakrooms is sought by travellers travelling to short distances and going for short trips. “At some stations where there is high tourist footfall and thus high demand, we thought that the officer in the field should decide how much he wants to fix the fee at,” a senior railway official said. Indian Railway

To ensure that passengers and travellers have a seamless journey, the Indian railways provides this service. It is highly useful for backpackers, foreign tourists who don’t wish to drag all their luggage to different places. One can store their luggage in the cloakroom for a period of upto one month. Indian Railway


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