For Every Kilometre that you Run, the App Gives you Rs 10. This Amount is Dispatched to Local Charities that work for Social Welfare…

One of the biggest health events of India, Heartwise Run and Walkathon is just one day away from you. This walk o run marathon entails a competitive 10 kilometre jog for running enthusiasts in junior (12-18 years) and senior (above 45 years) category. Other than the certificates, electronic bibs, awards and goodies offered to the participants, the main highlight of the event is the Walk-o-run mobile app designed by two IITians from Kota.

The unique app that aims at raising funds for charity is the latest buzz around Rajasthan. It’ll not just monitor the distance covered by individual contestants, but also offer Rs 10 for every kilometre that you run/walk. It’s a unique way of raising funds through public participation.

The Engineer Duo from Kota are the Masterminds behind Walk o Run

When Nikhil Khandelwal and Gaurav Mehta came to know about this walkathon scheduled in Kota, they got in touch with Dr Saket Goyal in Kota to present a proposal regarding the app. Needless to say, the unique Walk o Run app was immediately approved by the sponsors and organisers.

How does the app work? The public institutions and NGOs associated with this event will sponsor the cash prize offered via this app. For instance, if a runner covers 6 kilometres in the marathon, his account will be credited with Rs 60. This amount will be sent to local charities.

The app also features an automobile company in the advertisement. The company is likely to sponsor the cash prize for fund raising.

On an average, about 15 thousand people will participate in this event. The list of marathon runners includes NRIs like Megha Gupta (Miami) and overseas athletes like Joseph George (Kenya), who make it all the more glamarous. The organisers are expecting to raise around Rs 9 lakh through this app.

To encourage local artists, the event organisers will also arrange a Health Expo (exhibition) at Kota’s Ummed Club today (February 17). The expo “Art for Heart” will feature 400 paintings.

With these events, the organisers aim to kill two birds with a single stone– generate awareness regarding heart health and encourage the locals to exhibit their talents. Moreover, they’ll be able to raise funds for poor and needy children, which is an added advantage!


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