Farmer feeds countless mouths in our country. It would be great if we get a chance to feed farmers, as a way to thank them for their patience, hard work and sacrifices that they make on the fields. The Rajasthan government, as a gesture of thanks towards native farmers, started the Kisan Kaleva Yojana near mandis (vegetable markets) so that farmers get hot, nutritious meals during daytime.

Our farmers travel several miles via tractors, trolleys and animal carts to reach the bazaar area, where they can sell their hard-earned produce. Weighing, storing, grading and selling crops in a mandi are time-consuming processes that last for a couple of hours. Poor farmers can’t leave the mandi yard to buy food elsewhere. Quite understanding their plight, the government made food arrangements for farmers in the yard itself. This is what Kisan Kaleva Yojana is all about!


The main objective behind this scheme is to provide subsidized, hot meals to farmers at reasonable rates (Rs 5/plate) so they don’t have to wait for meals. The food is served near the yard for their convenience.

Considering the appetite of farmers, the government has 8 chapatis (Indian breads), lentils and freshly cooked vegetable curries on menu. The organizers serve ‘season special extras’, such as 200 ml Chhach (buttemilk) during summers (April to September) and 50 gram Gud (jaggery) during winters (October to March) to make these meals more enjoyable.

Though the average cost of every plate is Rs 40, but the farmers pay just Rs 5 per plate. The remaining amount is paid by the mandi committee—for which they get financial grants by Rajasthan government.

The scheme has been launched in several districts including Udaipur, Gangapur, Jaipur etc. On an average, over 20,000 farmers dine at each of the Kisan Kaleva centers in various mandis, every season. State officials make it a point to visit these centers to ensure that all farmers get healthy meals of excellent quality.

Kisan Kaleva is a huge hit among Rajasthan farmers. The government plans to expand it to more areas in the future, as well.

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