The recent episode of Koffee with Karan starring Rangoon cast including Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan with Shahid Kapoor playing cameo role at the show.

The show is amazing as it is. However due to the incoming presence of Queen of  Bollywood accentuated the hype and the upscaled the glamour quotient of the show.

At the show, Kangana referred Karan as Bollywood mafia and tagged him as the ‘King of Nepotism’, Kangana proved that she wears her heart on her sleeves.

On being asked whether Kangana is petrified as to why she is not still counted in the leading actors list, despite having bagged a hat trick of National awards. This question was in nexus with the rapid fire round questions asked from the guests who are asked to rank according to their preferences. While Deepika, Anushka and Alia among others are invariable included in the list, Kangana’s name is always missing. To this Kangana replied, “No, I don’t seek it from people like Karan Johar for sure. There are people I look up to and who can make a difference by simply acknowledging and appreciating you work.”

Not only this, Kangana also pointed out s few names of people which she looks up to. One of them, Kangana said, is Rangoon filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj; another being Ritesh Batra.

The war of words between the stellar filmmaker and the eccentric actress didn’t end here. In Karan Johar’s book — An Unsuitable Boy, he referred to Ranaut as “a great actress” who has “made a branding out of her absence…People have a magnificent presence; she has a magnificent absence.”

On being asked to share her remarks on this, Ranaut said, “I don’t get it,” she said. “Is it a jibe or a compliment? Is the absence because I’m missing from his parties or on his gossip circle or skipping filmi parties and award shows. I don’t feel I am absent.”

and expressed a desire to work with him and he surprised her by showing “a very fierce picture” of hers and calling it ‘This is my Julia’.

Ranaut collected her past memories with her rendezvous with Vishal Bharadwaj in Paris. While she was having a light conversation with the director, Kangana expressed her desire to work with him, after which he treated the actor with a fierce role.

She said, “This is so fulfilling for any performer,” she said. “You seek validation from people you look up to. Not people that you don’t care about. Vishal Sir has written a character in which I can see a genuine appreciation for me as an actor and a genuine regard for my art. It is not just talk where you are praising someone sitting there and then never want to work with them.”

On being asked how she reflect back on her past journey, she spelled out: I do feel that I have been chosen for things that were extraordinary,” she said. “My complicated relationship with my parents and later falling prey to the most unbelievable traps that the industry has, going through a struggle of a lifetime, then leading this amazing movement of women empowerment through my film Queen. I have paid a heavy price for all of it. But I’m OK with it. My life will always be of extremes.


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