Placements in Jhunjunu

Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Programme is a proven zenith of Rajasthan government. Grooming up the skilled, semi-skilled and even unskilled, the programme has brought flair of development in the state. The programme seeks skill grooming at every corner of the state and is recently the overseas placement bureau under the guidance of Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation is going to organize a very fresh placement fair for the all kind of workforces in Jhunjunu. This will be arranged during the month of June for the Middle East.

The ministry of external affairs is exclusively supporting the arrangement. The 90% part of the state workforce hails from Sikar, Nagaur, Jhunjunu, Churu and Jaipur and it will be held in the Shekhawati region of these areas.

The commissioner of skills, entrepreneurship and employment, Krishna Kunal mentioned, “State has a vast reservoir of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. As a large number of this workforce goes abroad for work, it becomes imperative for us to provide them proper counselling and orientation, keeping in view the needs of the market along with the enhancement of their functional capability.”

The cell will also make available the training to the workers and many orientation camps will be arranged. Their motive is to provide an insight about the cultural sensibilities of the country. Many companies are giving helping hand to make sure that the procedure is free from all hassles. The potential workers will have a high skill set and grooming.

The labours who are going overseas have a high insecurities. Thus, to protect their interests, the RSLDC has made the Rajasthan Pravasi Sharmik Kalyan Prakosht.

Kunal mentioned, “”It is not only to facilitate workers going abroad, it will take care of them in case of crisis in countries to which they are headed with the support of the head of Indian missions and the ministry of external affairs”.

The ministry data says that, from Rajasthan, more than 48,000 workers got placed overseas in the year 2014. People who are based in Rajasthan are getting placed in the countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia and Bahrain. In the year 2015, the number of people placed was 46,000. In the year 2016, 35,172 people got the jobs. Government is these organising placement fairs to get a better number this time.


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