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After Japan and Singapore Bonded with Rajasthan over Ambitious, Profitable Projects, Now Malaysia will Hit the Rajasthan Roads…

When private Indian developers shied away from funding major infrastructure projects, Rajasthan government formulated strategies to attract investors in domestic and international markets. Consequently, Rajasthan received a lot of attention in the international market. Initially it was Japan that showed interest in road development and now, Malaysia came forward to partner with Rajasthan for infrastructure development.

Rajasthan CM with Malaysian PM
Rajasthan CM with Malaysian PM

To promote Malaysia-Rajasthan partnership further, PM Najib Razak arrived in the ‘Pink City’ to hold conversations with Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje. The purpose behind this 6-day visit was to discuss investment opportunities for Malaysia companies. Considering the incredible progress that the state has registered in last few years, the Malaysian PM is positive that Rajasthan is a great investment-friendly destination and holds great opportunities in tourism, industries and infrastructure—important sectors in which many Malaysian companies specialise in.

Over the years, Malaysia has set milestones in water management, urban infrastructure development, healthcare, transport and tourism. Therefore, Raje invited the Malaysian companies to give a boost to Rajasthan’s growth in the aforementioned sectors. Last year, Raje made an attempt to connect Rajasthan and Singapore via Scoot Airlines. The CM is planning something along the same lines therefore the leaders chalked out possibilities of direct air connectivity between the two destinations.

Malaysia Infrastructure Development
Malaysia Infrastructure Development

During the meeting, the additional chief secretaries of tourism, public works and urban development departments gave presentations to give foreign delegates a brief insight into Rajasthan. Over the course of meeting, it was decided that skilled Malaysian engineers will help state government develop Jaipur as healthcare, medical and tourist hub. They’ll also strengthen infrastructure to make affordable housing a reality on ground.

In last few months, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje has introduced fresh changes in tourism and infrastructure sectors, which includes the new Rajasthan tourism ad, CISCO’s smart city projects, Gaurav Paths and ‘Smart villages’. With Malaysia bonding with Rajasthan, we’re confident that the state will attain stable economy and set milestones in rural and urban development soon.


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