Post 45 days after Demonetisation, humongous chunks of money have been deposited into the Jan Dhan bank accounts. In this period, a whopping 87,000 crore were deposited in the bank accounts, which were initially opened under the government scheme to give a fillip to the poor and needy sections of the society.

The figure for total deposits claimed a range of Rs. 87,100 crore. However, what remains to amuse us is the fact that a total of Rs. 3285 crore have been withdrawn till date.

An official who is closely involved in the movement, informed that the Income Tax Department is in it’s process of accumulating meaningful information in nexus with the deposits made.

Apart from this, the Income Tax Department also possess a complete record of small deposits in amounts ranging from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000. From 10th November to 23rd December, nearly Rs. 41,523 crore have been deposited in these accounts.

The bank manager said, “Information on Jan-Dhan accounts are being earnestly validated.” The manager added, “If the amount is suspicious to have been received from a person other than the account holder, stringent consequences will follow.”

The manager also informed that in the first week, post demonetisation, a total of Rs. 20,224 crore were deposited. Subsequently, a sharp fall was observed in the deposits, which was contemplated as a major game-changer.

All the black money hoarders which have been dispersed across the nation have confronted a tough fix to launder their unaccounted money. Post demonetisation, all black money hoarders resorted to depositing their black money into the Jan-Dhan accounts of innocent people, on condition of a meager commission, or in some cases, not even that.

The government has kept a close tab on all the deposits and activities in the concerned accounts. Although government has made all people aware about the repercussions of depositing else’s currency in own account, the depositing rates have not seen a dip. What remains to see is whether the Jan-Dhan account holders are the rightful owners of the enormous Rs. 87000 crore deposited post demonetisation. If not, then the government will usher in a slew of penalties on not only the black money hoarders but also the depositor.


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