The golden city, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is now following footsteps of Bihar liquor ban. More than a dozen villages have sworn in as liquor ban villages, thereby bolstering the intention to get rid of this wrong-doing in the easiest way possible, by taking an oath.

Not only those at the helm of village affairs, people of the village too sworn in to make their entire village liquor-free. Notably, in these areas, majorly Rajput community is residing. In the meeting, prominent people of 14 villages including Satyaya, Ghantiyali, Bahadur Singh Ki Dhani, Mohangarh, Didhu, Bhadadiya, Khariya, Sardarpura, Sevda, Askandra, Bardana, Tadana and Avay were present.

“Villagers of the area are coming into the grip of intoxication with the rising trend of consumption of liquor, opium, poppies and it is deteriorating the young generation,” Kishan Singh, one of the villagers, addressing the public meeting said.

“It is harming the youth economically, socially and health wise as well. To protect the youth it is necessary that we need to quit it right now,” he added.

Keeping in mind the negative consequences of consuming liquor, the final consensus stated that no liquor will be consumed in these areas from now onwards. Ill-effects on the health of new generation was also cited as a major concern.

Not only this, it is worth noting that in some areas of the state, offering opium or poppies is a tradition, one which is being followed for generations. Now, the tradition will be shunned and a new way of lifestyle will be adopted by people of Jaisalmer villages

Well, if you were thinking that this ban will be lifted on special occasions like marriage, then let me tell you that villagers have unanimously banned liquor for all occasions. There has no relaxation for any special purpose, be it marriages or auspicious occasion.

To maintain strictness, villagers have also integrated a penalty framework for all those who violate the rules. Moreover, the villagers have also decided to not consume opium, on their visit to another village.



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