Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Festivals offer you a great exposure to different facets of a region. So, it is important to travel and explore the festivals. Talking about India, it is a wonderful country that organizes several festivals every year. One of such festivals is Jaisalmer Desert Festival by Rajasthan- the land of Deserts every year.  As the name suggests, the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an annual event that take place in Jaisalmer. This year it is from 29-31 January, 2018. This is a wonderful festival with lots of colours, music and laughter. The festival is conducted by Rajasthan Tourism and the Jaisalmer district administration.

How does the Desert Festival proceed?          

Before the inauguration of this festival, a procession moves from Gadisar Lake to Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium. At Shaheed Poonam Singh Stadium, the festival will be formally inaugurated. There will be different activities on every day. Like on the first day, there are turban tying and Moomal Mahindra while on the second day, camel decoration, tug-of-war and tattoo show will be held. For the final day, there is camel race. All the three days of the event, there are cultural programs.

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What to expect this year from Desert festival?

It is planned to attract more tourists this year. The organizers of the festivals will attempt to get more participation of the tourists. This year, kite festival and horse race will also be organized. There will be cultural programs and fireworks on the concluding day of the three day event.

It is a three day extravaganza that brings Desert to life. This festival attracts travelers across the world. During this festival, people sing and dance and dressed in colourful attires. This festival beautifully represents culture of Rajasthan. This is a festival that adds colours to the barren land and makes people aware of the artistic works of Jaisalmer like embroidered skirts, rugs, camel decorations, hand-wooven shawls, ethnic silver jewellery, embroidered leather bags etc and many more. Spectators would love to see the moustache competition, camel polo, Air Force display and camel dance. Along with this, people would eat delicious food.


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