Pink city

Jaipur, the Pink City of India is one of the popular destinations that attract large no. of tourists every year. The city is famous for the remarkable history, grand monuments and delicious food. Nothing can beat the lip-smacking savouries of the city. Nowadays, Jaipur’s Masala Chowk is really must visit place.

Started at Ramniwas Bagh, Masala Chowk is now turning into one of the most popular hangout destinations in Jaipur city. This is a place where people can enjoy all the traditional food of Jaipur under one roof. From Gulab Ji Ki Chai to mouth-watering Samrat Ki Kachori, all the food stuffs are available at Masala Chowk. This initiative of Jaipur Development Authority will not only attract India but also foreigners. The sitting space at Masala Chowk also looks stylish. It has been given touch of nature with flower pots.

Pink city

With 21 kiosks, you have a lot of varieties of food items to relish. In fact, this food joint gathers good crowd even in weekdays. Masala Chowk is also reasonable place like Saras Parlour.  Well.. this food joint also offers you delicious Mahaveer ki Rabdi, Bhagat Ke Ladoo, Shankar Kachori, Matka kulfi, faluda, pani-patasi, dal bati and many more.

Open Theatre

This chowk won’t let you get bored as there is open theatre. At this Open theatre, seating for 550 is provided. In this theatre, visitors can enjoy the plays enacted by the local artists.

JDA is taking strict care of the food joint so that visitors will not face any difficulty. To maintain the law and order at the place, JDA officials are planning to start e-card for entry at the place. There are also proper arrangements for toilets. In fact, free WiFi is another facility available at the place.


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