Jaipur Literature Festival: 5 Reasons that make it unique

Jaipur Literature Festival

JLF is one of the most awaited literary events. For book lovers and avid readers, Jaipur Literature Festival is like a Mahakumbh of Literature where these people take a dip. This esteemed festival is winning hearts of the people since 2006. This year, it will be held from 25-29 January in the premise of The Diggi Palace Hotel. This is not just a literary fest rather a pride to the world of Literature. Know the reasons that make Jaipur Literature Festival simply unique.

A reservoir of books

Jaipur Literature Festival

At the fest, the book lovers find a reservoir of the books. No matter what your preference is, you will definitely find some good book for you. They can even find the rarest of the books at this event. JLF offers the people a deep insight to the world of literature. Many budding writers also offer their work to you in JLF book stalls.

Literary Giants

It is simply magical to see many literary giants altogether at one platform. Interaction with the renowned writers, dignitaries and artists expands the horizon your knowledge. Their knowledgeable thoughts and ideas allure you and push you to think bigger.

Opportunity to showcase your talent


Jaipur Literature Festival provides an opportunity to showcase their talent. It organizes blogging contest and invites people to put their thoughts on paper. The one who wins the contest will definitely become popular as his writing will be published on JLF’s official blog page.

Delicious Food

When someone comes to Jaipur Literature Festival then he cannot escape the delicious food items. JLF is a great platform to be acquainted with the local and traditional food of the state of Rajasthan. Apart from this, there are several delicacies available at the event.

Unconventional Music Stage

The Music Stage at JLF is an experience to remember forever. It brings you the art of music from various renowned national and international names at one platform. The music lovers will be soothed with the soulful and the beautiful voices of the artists. The performances are powerful enough to captivate you.


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