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The Heritage walled city, Jaipur will have smart roads in its known markets. The Jaipur Smart Mission Ltd has taken this decision to make model roads in eight renowned markets under this smart city project.

The work will most probably begin in May and has assistance of JSML with it.

After contemplating over the financial bids, the mission will most likely lead to the financial bids. Three companies are playing major role in these bids.

Smart Roads in Jaipur

An official mentioned that, “Companies from Ahmedabad, Jodhpur and Jaipur have shown interest in the project. A firm from Mumbai could not participate as it failed to deposit the earnest money. We are planning to issue the work orders by the end of May”.

The JSML has also proposed to make a 10 km long smart road in the city itself. The project will cost around Rs. 16 crore.

The proposal says that the road will have smart facilities like intelligent passenger system, ducting system, smart lights and bio-toilets.

Apart from these, they also have plans provide smart passenger information system in Jaipur.

Once the system is implemented through mobile app, commuters in the state capital will get a schedule, seat availability and location in the buses.

The application named Journey Planner is one section of many other initiatives made by JSML. They are in arduous efforts to streamline the public transport sector which integrates metro, bus and cab services.

The app will put data about JCTSL bus routes and private operators, timings, frequency and fare ideas. Users can also give their opinions about the trips.

Also, an official mentioned, “The estimated cost of entire project is Rs 22 crore. The JSML has invited tenders for the same”.

Also, the app will provide all latest data on Jaipur Metro routes fare and timings.

In last three years, Jaipur has seen tremendous lifestyle elevation and with aspiring smart city project, we hope to see similar effects.


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