Labour in rajasthan

Thanks to Jaipur’s robust patrolling force. Recently, two helpless families were plucked out from the clutches of bonded labour in the Daloowala village of Phagi tehsil in Jaipur on Tuesday.

Two families comprising of couples and three children were plucked out from the claws of bonded labour.

Sub-divisional magistrate Sawan Kumar of Phagi told, “We received information from Delhi-based social activist Nirmal Gorana and we sent a team of our men with him to the site. We found that the young couples had accepted an advance and had worked for some months at the kiln. However, when they expressed a desire to go home to Nagaur for Holi, the kiln owner refused permission. The couples have now been sent home, the rescue certificate too has been issued.”

“I might have delayed coming, but was told that the wives of both these young men were in pretty advanced stages of pregnancy. And the women too were entering the kilns to remove bricks, exposing themselves to high temperatures,” Gorana added.

Not only this, sources closely involved in investigation of such practices also said that the families received an advance sum of money from the employers. One of the families informed that they had received an advance sum of Rs 35000 some months ago. Another family also said that a small amount was given to them as advance.

As a matter of fact, the two families have been working from January. To much dismay, the families were also denied from visitng their extended families in Nagaur for the Holi festivities.

The owner did not permit the families to move out of the premises. He asked for a hefty sum to allow them to go. “You have to pay Rs 70000 to leave,”  the employer demanded from the distressed families.



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