ISRO collaborate with Europe Company

After ISRO’s enormous 104 satellite launch, the Indian space agency’s fan following has multiplied in manifold ways. Like, recently, an European Space Agency has discovered their admiration for our domestic agency, ISRO and considering a collaboration with it. Against all odds, the Indian Space Research Organisation got its name carved in golden letters in the history of science and research of India. On February 15th, 2017, this historic launch took place and the world praised it with astonishment. ISRO received plethora of recognition for its peerless work in the field. To everybody’s surprise, the India agency left behind its giant competitors, Russia, Europe and NASA.

This is just a beginning, as  the European Space Agency has expressed  their complete will for a collaboration with the ISRO.

Mark McCaughrean is senior scientist advisor at European Space Agency, who promptly mentioned that they are considering a fresh collaboration. Along with this, they highlighted the appreciable points in the recent ISRO launch. The precision in the launch and the management for cost reduction is something impressed them beyond everything.

He further went on saying, “ESA (European Space Agency) plans further collaboration with ISRO in various space missions. Had an informal discussion with former ISRO chairman UR Rao at Bangalore. The current ISRO chairman, AS Kiran Kumar was in a meeting in Delhi that day. Earlier, ESA had collaborated with ISRO on Chandrayaan-1 mission to Moon.”

Currently, ISRO is in alliance with 22 other countries, India, Japan, China, Russia and US.

As per their recent plans, it is quite evident that the coming 5 years are going to be very insightful for the space agencies. Among 15 space missions which are in queue, Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer will play a key role. In its 3 years of time period at Jupitor, the aircraft will give complete observations of this giant planet which is nothing less than a ball of gases. It will also cover its three moons and will fetch insight information about them.


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