Today expanding healthcare access is a critical priority both for the government and the private sector in India.  It is a necessity to provide quality healthcare on an equitable, accessible and affordable basis across all regions and communities of the nation.

Corresponding to this the state government on July 28th has finally sought expression of interest from eligible private entities for the running of 50 urban primary health centers. The basic aim of this initiative is to run these PHC’S in public-private partnership (PPP) mode. This proposal will be opened on July 31.

This initiative taken by the state government is an important step because access to healthcare remains uneven in the economy.

The public-private partnership will initially be for three years, and in future could be extended for another two years.

The state government expects that the concession granted will not be treated as a business venture and also not be used to make profits.

This proposal is based on a bidding process. The entity winning the bid will run the primary health center located in an urban area and the health booth that is nearby.

The services that will be included in this initiative are:

  • Primary health care package including behavior change through health education and health promotion, critical and public health services
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth,
  • infant care,
  • childhood and adolescent health care,
  • family planning and contraceptive services,
  • management of communicable diseases,
  • outpatient care for minor ailments and
  • acute simple illnesses

Additional director of National Health Mission for the state BL Kothari stated that all the staff at present is contractual. Market rents will be provided for spaces that need to be hired. The staff will be free to move to the agency winning the bid.

Dr. Narendra Gupta of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan also stated that although workers are under contract with the National Health Mission, the hospitals will be staffed by permanent people. About 80% of doctors are on permanent government payroll.

Thus it is important to enhance the healthcare access as it enhances the productive capacity of its population resulting into enhancing the economic growth of the country.


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