GSAT-17 is the India’s newly launched communication satellite which is all set to join the fleet of 17 Indian communication satellites in space soon. Like its predecessor circulating the universe, GSAT-17 too is expected to expand the overall ‘space exploration’ capacity of ISRO scientists to some extent. This spacecraft was released into a temporary orbit in space on Thursday at 2.45 am IST about 39 minutes after the launch from the European Spaceport in French Guiana.

Features of the GSAT-17 Spacecraft: What makes it Different?

The spacecraft weighs around 3,477 kilograms, quite light if you ask us! It is specifically designed for broadcasting, telecommunication, and VSAT (very small aperture terminal) services. To fulfill this purpose, it carries around 40 transponders in its massive body.

Not to mention, it has been equipped to aid Meteorology forecasts and search and rescue operations across the sub-continent. It has an operational lifespan of around 15 years and cost Rs 1013 crores, including the launch fee.

It will take around 2 weeks for the satellite to reach and settle in its planned slot over India, probably at 93.5 degrees east longitude.

GSAT-17, which was designed and assembled at the ISRO Satellite Centre in Bengaluru has been at the Kourou spaceport since May 15 where it was undergoing pre-launch checks and tests.

Today, GSAT-17 has become India’s third communication satellite to be successfully launched and settled at the destination orbit in the past two months. Earlier India launched GSAT-19 on the new MkIII on June 5 and the 2,230-kg GSAT-9 or the South Asia Satellite on May 5, both from Sriharikota.

Future prospects

The current situation of the nation forces the Indian security agencies to depend more on satellite technologies for the purposes of investigation, communication, and navigation. Each of the three services needs dedicated satellites to cater for its requirements, which is why we think that GSAT-17 is going to be a useful invention for India.


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