With the ready availability of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on the go, the youth is 24*7 glued to screens, tabs and other form of PDA.

The unceasing attraction to these social media platforms has resulted in extreme repercussions on the youth. The youth is busy in socially connecting with people, which has left no spare time for meeting with people physically.

Due to decreased verbal and ‘facial’ interaction with people around, loneliness and depression sets in. The youth has become the major victims of this casuality.

Yesterday was the #WorldHealthDay which was themed around the grave situation of ‘depression’.

Prerna Puri of Psychology department at the Rajasthan University highlighted the extreme negative repercussions of overusing social media platforms.

Puri spelled out: The advent of social media has alienated youths from society. The interaction levels has been minimized cultivates low degree of sensitivity required to understand human emotions. The absence of such emotions keeps people away from exercising this social stress buster.

Depression is not a disease. It is a feeling. If we stay happy, stay well connected, love unconditionally and keep pampering ourselves, Depression will fade away.

India’s youth is it’s power. If they are victims of social media, they are becoming helpless because of social media nuances, then it is not doing any good to the country. But everything has it’s pros and cons. While Social media and internet is taking a toll on lifestyle of youths, positive effects of social media cannot be also neglected.

The information technology has massively widened the career opportunities across the country. The youth is becoming independent and informative. We must strike a balance between social media and physical interaction. That’s how we can eradicate depression amongst the youths.

“As youngsters spending more time on social media, most of the time being in an artificial state of mind is keeping them away from feeling real life events and experiencing them,” Puri signed off.


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