‘I guarantee that no parachute candidate will get ticket’: Rahul Gandhi’s big lie busted


The Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi are telling such brave lies to not only the people but also to their own party workers. The grand old party’s supremo Rahul Gandhi said and repeated these lines several times that ‘I will cut the strings of parachute candidates.’ Therefore he has given the guarantee that the Congress will not give tickets to the parachute candidates in assembly polls.

In contrast, the recent list by Congress of candidates for upcoming assembly elections carries 6 parachute candidates name. And, 3 of them are BJP oust MLAs, what irony! The Congress’ lie is enough strong to hurt the party workers feeling, badly. Here is the proof-

The video belongs to RaGa’s “Sankalp Rally” in Jaipur on August 11, 2018. Rahul Gandhi, addressing the party workers, said, ‘Before every election, parachute candidates come and take tickets. This time I guarantee that not one parachute candidate will get the ticket. I will cut strings of parachute candidates.’ ‘Congress party workers will be heard and will get the tickets.’ He added.

One more clip from Dholpur rally, where Rahul Gandhi addressed the party workers again with the same instinct.

Who sweeps, who weeps?

After much dilly-dallying, Congress has finally released the first list of 152 candidates last Thursday midnight. Which is carrying 6 parachute candidates, 3 of them are BJP oust MLAs, Harish Meena, Habiburrehman, and Kanhaiya Lal Jhanwar. The Congress party has given Deoli-Uniara ticket to Harish Meena, Nagaur ticket to Habiburrehman, and Bikaner ticket to Kanhaiya Lal Jhanwar.

Apart from them, Congress has given the Raisingh Nagar seat to Sona Devi Bawri, who has shifted from Jamidara party. Independent leader Rajkumar snatched the Navalgarh ticket. So the former IPS Sawai Singh Godara got the ticket on Khimsar seat.

The grand old party is now facing contravention and even protests. Even the Former Health Minister and one of the Congress’ heavyweights BD Kalla has to swallow the insult when parachute candidate Kanhaiya Lal Jhanwar has snatched the ticket on Bikaner seat.

So, the final verdict ends up on 94% in lie-o-meter. Rahul Gandhi has been telling lies to the people and to the party workers. The level of lies is alarming as they claim to win the upcoming elections and desire to rule the government.


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