Facebook Cover

How can you grab someone’s attention with snap of fingers? Certainly, using videos and images will make this easier for you. Especially, for e-commerce platform and social media, this is a regime to follow.

Now that, Facebook has made the video uploading procedure expedient for you, the users want to take it to the other level. You need nothing more inspiring than a well customized video for your customers. It’s a way to create a word of mouth buzz and then gradually increasing the profit.

Also, for users the Facebook cover image is like an entrance which gives the first glance of your personality and flair. Also, the relatable images will do great for your business. The exciting news is, you can also get a video as your Facebook cover.


Below are the tips to optimize the Facebook videos for their maximum utilization:

  • One way is to “capture” the viewers and then draw them for video viewing. After the whole regime, you manifest the goal behind the video.
  • Make extensive tags of people who are related to the page. If possible, tag pages also so that you can attract more traffic to the video.
  • While you create the video, you can keep in mind that native Facebook videos start playing automatically in the viewer’s feed. While this, you can plan the “first impression” of the video and lure the viewer to open it. Also, until the user opens it, there is no sound in the video.
  • Use catchy headlines. The first 3 seconds are crucial for any video and makes as the deciding factor for your video.
  • The video end can put a lasting impression on viewer’s mind. Try harder and make the end even more intriguing than the beginning. If you are desktop user, than you can bring the use of “call to action” into the light to get the user to the end of the video.
  • Keep it short and informative. People gauge for quick and useful information on Facebook and not the documentaries.
  • Try to be a resource for the people than some self obsessed salesperson. Inspiration can take you to a long and happy route.

Videos have the magic wand these days and users love them. Videos can take you to the News Feed of your fans.


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