women in Congress

Women across the country are scared, Rahul Gandhi said. What do you think? In my view, women of India have never been as strong and empowered as they are today. It is the day and time when women in India are progressing more than men. The proof is everywhere. Starting with Hima Das in sports to others in education to corporates, it is starting with women and ending with them, these days. women in Congress

The question of being scared arrives when those in power are the culprits for performing women atrocities. In the Congress era, it was the ministers themselves who were scaring the women. In their tenure, Congress ministers were doing rapes, molestations and domestic violence – cases of which are registered in multiples in the charge sheet.

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Hence, fear arises when there is the dominance of men. In the BJP era, it is the women who are dominating each and every domain. Rahul said, “You all heard about the PM launching the “Beti Bachao, Beti padhao” campaign. We didn’t know who we have to ‘save’ our daughters from; it was actually for saving our daughters from BJP MLAs. In the light of the culprit pertaining to women atrocities, did Rahul Gandhi mean – “saving our daughters from Congress MLA”? women in Congress

Talking about the recent announcement by Rahul Gandhi and his decision to have 50% space for wome, it is very unrealistic and a matter of mincing words. How? The Congress party is a male-dominated party since ever, and now that RaGa is resolving to bring about a change, is it really for real? Will it actually amp up women empowerment? No.

The women RaGa is going to get into the party will be daughters and wives of the royals, existing ministers, etc. Not only this, it is an act of selling places, more than anything else. The Congress party is in dire need of money and selling places to women is another significant source of income. Well, it is happy to hear that Congress is at least exploring new methods of increasing it’s already overflowing (filled with public money) bank accounts at multiple locations, including Swiss bank accounts. women in Congress


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