Abhay Command Control Centers

Forensic Investigation Lab Is An Exemplary New Addition And First of Its Kind

Rajasthan budget 2017-18 had many crucial factors included in it and one of them was Civil Defense and Disaster Management. Honorable Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje had announced about reinforcing the defense system of the state. Owning her words, CM Raje inaugurated the most hi-tech police control room named ABHAY Command Control Centre. This is first of its kind in the country where the prompt and smart ways to guard the general public will be practiced. This is an IT enabled command and control center which has been set up in Rajasthan state.

Salient Features of this advanced police control room:

  • Detection of the geographical location of the caller.
  • The feature of AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System) which will help in detecting the vehicle fleet with the help of internet.
  • The caller will be able to locate the nearest patrol vehicle available.
  • A strong responder system in the form of Mobile Data Terminal which is a computerised device installed in public vehicles.

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Rajasthan’s digitalised police control system is a set of complete security for the general public. This will keep a watch on the persistent criminals, offenders and wretched wrong-doers.

This digitalised warrior will have below capable extensions in it:

Intelligent Traffic Management System

The system will be solely dedicated to maintain a healthy traffic decorum in the city.  With below technicalities, the control room will make sure that sincere drivers face least hassles while driving.

  • A process to recognise the number plates automatically called ANPRS.
  • A dedicated system to curb the speed violators.
  • Red Light Violation System to curb the reckless drivers
  • Stop Line Violation System to maintain the proper decorum.
  • e-Challan System will see light of the day.
  • Finding stolen vehicles will be easier with proper search system.

Forensic Investigation Lab:

State government has tried to keep this system as much diligent as possible. The introduction of Forensic Investigation Lab is very first of its kind and will give a new facet to Civil Defense and Disaster Management of the state.

  • A social media monitoring system will keep a keen eye on social media activities. Any unacceptable offense will be addressed here.
  • Digital Evidence Management System will keep an unimpaired check on the evidences of any mishappening. The digitalised system will keep an ingrained detail of every case to keep it ready to present.
  • Crime Hotspot and Police Dashboard will keep check on the crime sensitive areas.
  • A Face Recognition System will be installed to ensure the complete security system.
  • Video analytics and People Search system will also be introduced to recognise the details of culprit by just the face detection.

With this, Rajasthan’s defense system will be a complete set of security, detection and rescue. Practices like intermittent surprise checks on suspected areas  will also be conducted. This peerless move by the Raje government is a strive towards building a fearless Rajasthan.

Needful can call on these numbers for prompt response:

Emergency Helpline Number : 112 and 100
Women Helpline Number: 1090


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