Heart Monitoring Machine

The health department is in struggles with the challenge of deteriorating sex ratio. A news has come as a shock wave in which it is revealed that a cardiotocography (CTG), machine is used to determine sex of the foetus. Convetionally, this machine is used to check the well being status of the foetus. But, sadly, it has become a means for sex selection.

This came into trend, when a MBBS doctor brought the use of CTG machine for detecting the sex of the foetus. During this, he attached a surgical instrument to a monitor. The sex of the foetus could be seen when the attached probe was placed inside the mother’s abdomen. This ill-practice was detected when they contemplated that a monitor is not required while checking the health of the foetus through CTG machine.

The health department put the seizure on the CTG machine while running a decoy opeartion. Along with the CTG machine, other intruments like laptop and sonography machine for sex determination.

Conventioanlly, the CTG comes into use to detect the heartbeat of foetus and uterine contraction.

Before this, the health department had curbed B-scan eye machine for sex determination. They had made some minor adjustments in the machine to make it capable enough. After this, a meeting was summoned from Swai Man Singh Hospital to make sure that B-scan eye machine is in use for this culprit task.

Raghuveer Singh, a pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic technique mentioned, “Now, as we are conducting stringent monitoring of sonography machines by installing active trackers, the accused have started misusing medical equipment which are instrumental in diagnosis of diseases.”

He said, usage of CTG machine is clearly a misuse of medical instrument and thus will be stopped. Also, on Tuesday, PCPNDT official, undertook a decoy operation in Jodhpur and arrested Dr. Susheila Khinchi and also her helper Kuldeep Joshi. During this, they recovered an amount of Rs. 35,000 from the MBBS doctor and her agent.


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