Hathi Gaon

The Hathi Gaon in Rajasthan is the country’s first and the world’s third to preserve elephants. This village is near Amber Palace in Jaipur. With an aim to improve condition of the ‘Haathi Gaon’, the efforts have been made by the government. It is a project under which natural park-like shelter for 100 elephants will be made at Haathi Gaon.  It was decided that ‘Haathi Gaon’ at Amber would now be managed like a zoo. In fact, several changes in the infrastructure were proposed too.  A proposal with an investment of Rs 8 crore has been prepared.

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What changes are suggested to make?

This project is started to preserve the elephants, elephant owners and their natural habitats. At Hathi gaon, the facility of veterinary hospital, proper sewerage and proper plantation are suggested. For wooing the tourists, there should be focus on developing other attractions. There should be focus on elephant care and management of captive elephants via workshops. It is also asked to build proper place for bathing of elephants. A kuchha track for elephants has also been proposed.


How far the changes have been brought?

Going by the present situation of Hathi Gaon, it is observed that several changes have been made in Hathi goan. Elephant village has improved a lot in its infrastructure thereby attracting more tourists.

To visit the Hathi Gaon, the visitors need to pay ₹ 50 while for foreigner, it is ₹ 300. The fees in charged in lieu of maintenance and development of Elephant village.



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