Gyan Sankalp Portal

Under the constructive leadership of Rajasthan government, the quality of education in the state has bettered consistently over the past few years. the impeccable implementation of a slew od educational schemes and programmes has bolstered the process of standardising education. The schemes and efforts made by the Department of Education have also elevated the issues of the large financial crunch that schools face. In order to overcome the crunch, the DoE created a Gyan Sankalp Portal, an education funding portal.

Gyan Sankalp is a seamless online platform which seeks to systematically address the education funding gap by linking government initiatives to individual/CSR donors who can directly support the government in these initiatives.

Gyan Sankalp Portal

Gyan Sankalp Portal: 5 easy ways to contribute to Rajasthan school education

Here are the five common ways in which you can help the government in improving the education.

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Adopt a School: CSR companies can adopt a school and thereby bestow them with technology and infrastructure, thereby making the school’s performance more noteworthy and attractive.

Gyan Sankalp Portal

Create your own project: This is a simple process in which companies can select their own project, fulfill its requirements in a transparent manner and take charge of the entire project.

Support a project: The CSR companies can select a particular area and fun those projects. These projects are selected on the basis of the need for the school in a particular geography.


Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh: This is a juggernaut platform where the CSR companies collaborate with the government to build a better future for the children of Rajasthan.

Donate to a school: If you are not a CSR company, but an individual who’d want to contribute to the Rajasthan schools, you can contribute on this platform. The minimum amount one can contribute is Rs 10.

Why Gyan Sankalp Portal?

This is why Gyan Sankalp Portal is considered as a brilliant platform for garnering support for school education:

Gyan Sankalp Portal


The portal will be transparent; utilizing real-time updates from the MIS, it will present the needs of schools across the state and the impact that funding can have on students.

Priority Projects

The projects and initiatives on the funding portal will be government-identified areas that are deemed to be of the utmost importance to address.

Track Impact

The projects will be carefully monitored and tracked, communicated to governments and users via clear and concise dashboards.


The Department of Education of Rajasthan is poised to use its governance structures in order to implement various projects and transform the funding gap into an opportunity for schools.

Public-Private Partnership

The scale of need within the state of Rajasthan is too high for the government to address on its own; it requires the partnership of private individual and corporations, working alongside the government, in order to dramatically reduce the funding gap that impacts students across the state.


Organizations and individuals are given autonomy to specify details of how their money is spent. For instance, concerned individuals are aware about the entire process whether it is ‘Create a CSR Project’, ‘Support a Project’, or ‘Adopt a School’ among others.


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