The Indian Israel dignitaries meet has not only engendered positive sentiments across the Indian market but also increased India’s credibility on the global landscape. The desert state has also benefited galore from the India-Israel meet.

Benefits of India-Israel cooperation to Rajasthan

Growing cooperation between India and Israel has led to a slew of benefits for the desert state. Rajasthan has been bestowed with abundant technical know-how in the agricultural sector. Besides, Rajasthan’s water harvesting know-how resources have been reinforced.

Rajasthan’s agriculture has been treading on an impressive note. From the sight of satisfied farmers’ smiles to witnessing an abundance of agricultural production, Rajasthan is soaring high in the agricultural realm.

CM Raje – Juggernaut of Olive Oil production

In 2006, Rajasthan CM Raje visited Israel, when she discovered Olives being produced in an Israeli desert. After coming back, she resolved to set up Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited (ROCL), a pilot plantation of Olives backed by the continuous aid of Israel.

Prabhulal Saini, Rajasthan Agriculture Minister said, “We share a robust bilateral cooperation with Israel along with experiencing similar agro-climate conditions. We can pick techniques from Israel in various fields like dairy sector, water recycling, horticulture, and farming. We are now establishing strongholds in animal husbandry and water management.”

Owing to these centres, the state has been able to boost production of citrus, pomegranate, olive and date palms,” the minister added.

Other accomplishments in the wake of Israel’s support

  • Farmers have also benefitted from this cooperation. Over 1000 forward looking farmers have been trained under the exceptional guidance of Israeli experts. The state plans to send more farmers for the same.
  • Production of olive and dates became possible in Rajasthan which is now coming to terms with using these edibles
  • Rajasthan was one of the few states to have adopted drip irrigation in its initial phase, as far as India is concerned
  • Rajasthan is expected to seek aid from Israel for boosting animal husbandry in the state. This will ensure adoption of appropriate techniques for adoption and conservation of cows (traditional breeds) in the state.
  • Banking on Israel’s help, Rajasthan has been able to commence three Centres of Excellence at Kota, Bassi (Jaipur) and Jaisalmer.


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