Over the years, the government has effectively resolved the crippled garbage disposal system of Pushkar. Nevertheless, drainage and sewerage continue to be major threats to the holy town. Pushkar, a tourist hotspot in Rajasthan welcomes visitors from all over the world. The small town is a stunning potpourri of diverse cultures. High footfall and congested alleys affect garbage disposal system in the city. Global tourists prefer cleanliness and beauty. In a bid to attract tourists, local businesses have started placing dustbins outside their shops to address this problem.

Local civic bodies provided dustbins to residents and shop owners. Sweepers clean the roads every morning and officers encourage the natives to use dustbins for garbage disposal. While it’s easier to manage solid waste, sewerage lines are in a pathetic situation even today. The sewerage lines in the cities were laid down around 20 years ago. Initially, the government started off with a few drainage connections. Unable to bear the water pressure, the civic officials have increased the number of sewerage connections in last one decade.

During monsoons, dirty water escapes from the vintage lines. It mixes with local water bodies, such as wells, ponds, and temple tanks. Sometimes, it overflows into the roads and pollutes residential areas, thus obstructing free movement and transportation. The weakest point is the Vahara Ghat, which is interconnected to other ghats. In the case of a blackout, the waste water escapes the well and enters residential lines thus entering various households.

Fast escalating number of hotels and tour companies is yet another problem. The motels and holiday homes are devoid of dumping grounds and waste recycling units. Though the waste trucks collect solid garbage from the dustbins, they don’t have a proper dump yard where they can dispose waste. All garbage, including polythene, plastic items and chemicals are dumped either in Budha Pushkar Road and Khakheri Road. Water channels leading to the Pushkar Pond carry garbage to the main pond.

After addressing the solid waste problem, the government will target drainage connections next. Hopefully, it’ll help resolve this issue in future.


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