Good Touch Bad Touch Campaign kicked off by Jhalawar District Administration

    Good Touch Bad Touch

    The Jhalawar district administration has kicked off ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ campaign in the government schools and anganwadi centres. The aim is to create awareness on issues like sexual abuse and harassment of children. It’s first of its kind of initiative in the state which would teach children about a good touch and bad touch.

    Under the campaign, students of up to 14 years of age would be taught about the difference between a good touch and a bad touch through three modules. It would include art forms, behavioral change as well as posters and banners.

    Modules of the Campaign

    Keeping in mind not to talk directly about private parts, the campaign has been prepared with custom-made modules. Besides, creativity has been applied in preparing the modules while considering the physiological, sociological, and philosophical sensitivities of the local people.

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    Posters and Banners

    Efforts have been made to give out a strong social message in a subtle manner. The content has been designed using animations in lines with the similar background of the town showing different ways of a bad touch. One of the poster designs include a girl surrounded by several hands with text: ‘Understand touch-break the silence.’

    Art Form

    Apart from the graphics and content, small video clips from TV shows and movies discussing the issue have also been included in the campaign. Furthermore, there is a puppet show highlights the lack of communication between a mother and daughter. It aims at helping the kids to express the situation to their parents/guardians.

    Behavioral Change

    The third component of the drive is the behavioral change in which the society is encouraged to promote the idea of gender equality. It aims at increasing awareness about necessary laws like POSCO and other provisions in the law.

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    Training of the Teachers

    In order to make the teachers ready for it, they will be given training and presentations along with printed material on sensitizing students. These teachers will be trained by Nitisha Sharma, the secretary of Inaya Foundation. The documentation of the campaign will be prepared in next 3 months and then it would be forwarded to the state government so that it could be launched at state level.

    Objective of the campaign

    The main objective of the campaign is to teach the children aged between 6 and 14 to know the difference about good touch and bad touch and also to help them talk about such issues as they usually don’t know how to deal with it. Considering the rise of child molestation and abuse cases, this initiative hopes to bring a positive change for minor children, which has become the need of the hour.


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