Gehlot Trolled over ‘Conveyance,’ Oops, Sorry ‘Convenience.’ How Inconvenient!

ashok gehlot trolled
ashok gehlot trolled

With the entry of Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan politics, life has been hard on Mr. Ashok Gehlot. Congress’s poster boy Pilot has conveniently replaced the former chief minister of Rajasthan in his territory. For the ex Rajasthan chief minister, it was all downhill from there. The Congress high command shipped him to Gujarat, away from Rajasthan. Nevertheless, it seems that the newly appointed Gujarat Congress general secretary can’t refrain himself from commenting on Rajasthan affairs, even if his opinions are not welcomed.

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He has an old habit of questioning Raje government outside the House, preferably on social networks. Today, he targeted the government on implementation of Bhamashah scheme but ended up committing a silly mistake.

Nonetheless, the Twitterati were too quick to point his poor English. Here’s how the netizens trolled the former chief minister for his bad vocabulary.

  • Grammar Nazi Spotted!

  • Even Chanakya Did Better than Gehlot!

  • Convenience or Conveyance? 

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  • Gehlot may just as well take the Test!

  • The Education Standards have definitely Improved in Raje’s tenure.

  • Sorry for the Inconvenience Caused!


  • Why not write in Hindi, after all, it’s our mother tongue?

If ex-Rajasthan CM hadn’t been too excited to blame the current government, perhaps he would’ve checked his Tweet for grammatical errors. He needs to hire a new IT team for his nagging now. He can always turn to Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for grandiloquent talks. He might add a word or two to Mr. Gehlot’s dictionary.

Tharoor trolled
Tharoor trolled for ‘heavy words’


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