Gau rakshak

Cow safety has emerged as a big issue in the country. Recently, many cases have been come to notice that cow has been smuggled in the various parts of Indian. In fact many people have lost their lives due to this issue. The cases of mob lynching, attacks by vigilantes and harassment were noticed. In fact, several incidents of continuous eviction for Goraksha in Rajasthan are emerged in recent times.  This led to opening of Special police stations for the Cow protection in Rajasthan.  With this decision, the Rajasthan will become the first state to have Gau rakshak police station. In fact, Rajasthan has become the first state to open Cow ministry in the country.

Situation in Rajasthan

On talking about cases of cow smuggling in Rajasthan then most of the cases are found near Haryana border. It is no surprise that in this region there are frequent encounter of gau rakshaks and goons and police. Considering the current situation of the state, Rajasthan government is going to open 14 gau rakshaks thanas in the adjacent areas of the Haryana border.

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Know what state Home Minister said about Gau rakshak police stations

State Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria focused on the importance of cows in our country. He further said that since our government has been formed, we have taken the resolution to save cows. Hence, this decision of Rajasthan government of opening Gau rakshak police stations is wise.

What will Gau rakshak police stations do?

The Gorakhpur police will keep an eye on cow smuggling and stop them too. It will also release cows from smugglers. These police stations will also put a check on fake cow protectors and help in reduction of violence in name of cows in Rajasthan. Gau rakshak police station in Rajasthan: A wise decision to stop crime


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