On the occasion of Vasant Panchmi, there is an incredibly happy news for all girls in the state of Rajasthan. Ultra-renowned Gargi Award has doled out double amount in 2017, as against previous years. Not only this, more than 91000 female students will be felicitated with the Gargi Award.

On February 1, the Education Department will organize the Gargi Award function at District and Panchayat level.

The number of 2017 Gargi awardees have risen relatively by 22,902 students against 2016. A whopping sum of Rs. 34.35 crore have been doled out for the purpose of Gargi awards.

Education Minister Vasudev Devnani was extremely happy to announce a substantial increase in the number of meticulous girl students who have done the state proud.

Indra Priyadarshini will be awarded

Not only Gargi award but also Indra Priyadarshini Award will be presented at the event, thereby making it a wholesome event for Rajasthan girls.

Indra Priyadarshini Award has been introduced to acknowledge and reward in Secondary Higher Education and Sanskrit language. This award will be presented to those marvel students who have showcased excellence in Secondary Higher Education and exemplary command in Sanskrit language at the District level.

476 girls will be honoured with the Indra Priyadarshini Award, for the purpose of which 4.16 crore have already been allocated.

80% schools in Rajasthan equipped with Sanitation facilities

Vasundhara Raje claimed learning levels have drastically shot up in public schools. At a women centric event, Raje also informed that drop-out levels have plummeted considerably in these schools.

School Enrollment rose by 4%

In Rajasthan, student enrollments have shot up by 4%. 95.7% students have been enrolled in schools, categorically in the age group of 6-14 years. The 2017 enrollments have increased by 1.1% against that in 2014.

Girls securing 75% score have doubled in numbers

In a short span of 2 years, number of girls securing 75% marks in Secondary Higher Education have doubled in numbers. In 2014-15, 47,946 girls secured atleast 75% marks, as against 91,523 girls in 2017.

Year Gargi Puruskar Motivating Awards Total Girls
2014 1529028 18918 47946
2015 1639363 29335 68698
2016 1757275 34248 91523



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