Riding on the wave of GOT’s popularity, the leading manufacturer of stones in India i.e. Rajasthan is set to launch its new tourism campaign. The state takes pride in its rich stone and gemstone mines. From marble and red sandstone to granite, Rajasthan is the leading supplier of stones for building construction in India.

Historic buildings like the Red Fort in Delhi and famous tourist attractions, such as Taj Hotel in Mumbai were built with stones borrowed from Rajasthan. In a bid to highlight Rajasthan’s potential in the stone industry, the government planned its next tourism campaign along the same lines. Rajasthan’s new tourism drive ‘The Game of Stones’ is adapted from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series ‘The Game of Thrones.’

Just recently, the department of tourism in Rajasthan ‘tweeted’ a picture of the new campaign on Twitter. The idea is to promote Kishangarh as a tourist hub. For those who don’t know, Kishangarh is one of the biggest stone mandis in Rajasthan. Famous for its marble, this small city in Ajmer attracts stone and ceramic dealers from all over the world. The government aims to highlight Kishangarh through this ad to attract private players for investments.

Knowing that GOT is a popular game and TV series among Indian audience, this ad is likely to turn many heads! The department may have the youths on mind while designing this campaign.

This is not the First time that Rajasthan is launching a Creative ad campaign. They’ve tried It Earlier…

‘Aryasthan,’ ‘Huansthan,’ ‘Janesthan,’ and ‘Bionysthan,’ the Rajasthan tourism department has launched a series of enchanting ad campaigns that leave tourists and onlookers mesmerized by the natural charms of Rajasthan. You can’t help but visit Rajasthan once you see the official Rajasthan tourism ad. We’re expecting a similar magic from the new ad campaign.


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