Makar Sankranti

Rajasthan is the state which is famous for Makar Sankranti celebration. This is one of the major festivals of the state. The vigour of people on Makar Sankart is worth-watching. From morning till the Sun sets, people fly kites, eat savouries and take blessings of Sun God. This festival holds a special place in hearts of Rajasthanis. Talking about the reasons, there are not one but several reasons that make Makar Sankranti really special for Rajasthan. Makar Sankranti 

Donating 14 things

Due to their culture, food and traditions etc, all the states in India are unique. In fact, the rituals followed in these states also vary. Talking about Rajasthan, there is a ritual which is followed on Makar Sankrat. The married women or suhagans donate 14 things every year on sankrat. The important thing to consider here is that object should not be repeated.

Kite Flying

Flying kites on Makar Sankrat is one of the special things about Makar Sankranti. In Rajasthan, festival is celebrated with kite flying and cries of ‘ye kaata’. The skies will be seen with bright and colorful kites. The whole family from elders to kids gathers on the roof top and enjoys the kite flying. People enjoy fight of kites and feel pleasure in cutting other’s kite. In fact, the state also organizes International Kite Festival every year for kite flying enthusiasts.

Delicacies to eat on Makar Sankrant 

No festival is completed without the eating delicacies. The amazing fact about festivals in India is that every sweet is meant to be cooked for a particular festival. Like, for the occasion of Holi, gujiyas are mandatory and for Rakshabandhan, it is ghevar and pheeni. For the festival of Makar Sankrat, Rajasthan has special sweets like til-patti, gajak, ghevar, til-laddoo and pheeni.

A festival of Light

It is known to everyone that Diwali is festival of lights. But, Makar Sankrat of Rajasthan makes you feel like another Diwali. On this occasion, the sky is filled with sky lanterns. People in Rajasthan love to do burn firecrackers on the eve of Sankranti.  Without burning firecrackers, people find this festival incomplete.

 Family Day

Makar Sankranti is a festival that brings whole family together. There is government holiday in Rajasthan on this day. Hence, people make use of it and spend time with family. Families fly kites together, eat dal pakodas, til laddoos and various other sweets. This festival is a reason to bring families together.


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