Tamil Nadu has witnessed an unending battle between Sasikala and Panneerselvam ever since Jayalalitha was officially declared. Amidst the ongoing war of words, Congress seems to be taking a shrewd position. It is likely to stay neutral and wait for the TN governor’s decision on government formation.

Governor Vidyasagar Rao had publicly voiced his opinion that it would be imprudent to invite Sasikala to form the government. He has also cited the pending decision in the disproportionate assets case. and her not being an MLA as rationale for his conclusion.

Vidyasagar Rao is known for his independent decisions, impartial verdicts and fair commitments. The masses of Tamil Nadu pose strong faith and trust in the governor’s verdict with due regard.

On Thursday, Mr Panneerselvam met the Governor about two hours before Sasikala did. Panneerselvam informed the governor that he was exhorted to resign at a party meeting held last Sunday.

Not only this, he also claimed that legislators were dragged into signing blank papers which were consequently used by Ms Sasikala. According to AIADMK leader, Sasikala misused these papers to demonstrate the quantum of people who are in support of her. Moreover, some signatures are also believed to be forged.

Sasikala also went to such an extent that she falsely portrayed Panneerselvam in support of her appointment as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

At the sight of his forged statement, Panneerselvam was baffled and taken aback. This cannot be a sympathy gainer stunt. The reality is not hidden from anybody.

Until date, only five AIADMK legislators have publicly backed Mr Pannerselvam for the post of chief minister. E Madhusudhanan, who was sacked on Friday are included in Panneerselvam’s squad, along with a few others.

Yesterday, team Pannerselvam reiterated that it is the “real AIADMK”. Not only this, it also sacked Ms Sasikala.

Amidst the bafflement sprucing up in State, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi shared a light conversation with state leaders on Friday.

According to Congress, Sasikala may have the backing of a majority of MLAs but the AIADMK rank and file favours Panneerselvam. Congress is eager to watch happenings unfold and is waiting for the final verdict.

Congress is on a wait-and-watch mode. A Congress office-bearer quoted Rahul addressing party leaders asking to wait for the governor’s decision before taking a stand.


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