Raje government, an ardent advocate of policy reforms, set the agenda for transforming the desert state. In the India Today Group’s State of the State Conclave, the desert state released a progress report, mapping the growth indicators of all 33 districts, this June. One milestone followed other, and the state accomplished new landmarks every day, thus attracting attention and appreciation of the experts. Here’s a brief insight into Rajasthan’s growth index.

In a day-long event, bifurcated into 12 enthralling sessions, experts analyzed and debated on the progress of various districts in last one decade, through growth indicators, such as industry, agriculture, health, education, infrastructure and social welfare. In 2016, the India Today group conducted a ‘growth study’ on Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Jharkhand, in collaboration with the Nielsen group. They released full reports of the study, with a special mention to Raje’s relentless efforts and visionary initiatives in power, water conservation, tourism, and investment sectors.


Researchers compiled the results of the survey in a tabulated form, assigning fixed positions to the districts, based on their performance.

When asked about her ‘success mantra’, the chief minister of Rajasthan gave the credits to her people. “No government can bring development on its own. It must be able to inject the enthusiasm for development in the mind of its citizens and must work shoulder to shoulder with them,” said CM Raje.

Mr. Peeyush Goyal, Union MoS for Power, especially praised Raje for her implacable efforts in the power sector. Before the BJP government rose to power in Rajasthan, the state was struggling with an annual loss of Rs 15,000 crores. In just three years, the government trimmed the losses to Rs 5,200 crores. The state looks forward to reaping the benefits of DISCOM, in the next couple of years.

While Punjab has the potential to look after the food requirements of the country, Rajasthan shows the potential in eradicating poverty by contributing to national GDP. At least that’s what Mr. Anil Agarwal, the Chairman of Vedanta Resources has to say.

Except a few incidents of lynching and violence now and then, the state fared well under the leadership of Raje-led BJP. In the coming days, the government has set the stage for reformations in education, investment, and social security. If all goes well, we Rajasthan will emerge as the master at the game of growth, all thanks to the collective efforts of the government and the dexterous people.


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