The Rajasthan Government has recorded a significant 5 percent decline in the electricity losses due to leakage and wastage.

At a recently concluded meeting of the Jodhpur Discom engineers, Rajasthan Minister of State for Energy Pushpendra Singh Ranawat informed about the slashing of losses in the energy department. These electricity losses are on the back of leakage and wastage.

The decline in electricity losses has resulted in a massive profit for the state. “This reduction in losses has resulted in a profit of Rs 1,800 crore to the state,” Ranawat said at the event.

Driving force behind turning losses into profits 

The transformational journey of Energy Department from turning losses into profits is on the back of the ambitious Feeder Renovation Programme.

CM Raje has been giving huge impetus to thwart electricity wastage in various districts. “Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje had asked us to bring down the losses in Bithur of Ajmer district, which has witnessed a victim of excessive leakage of electricity, and under this programme, we brought down the leakage by 48 per cent,” he added.

Not only this, a slew of pioneering schemes has been started in the state to ensure electricity reaches the last house down the road. The aim is to lighten up all houses in rural areas, the development of which is CM Raje’s main priority. Schemes like Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana have contributed effectively towards this goal.


The rural population demands more power and electricity due to lifestyle changes and changing consumption pattern. The distribution network in the rural areas requires heavy maintenance costs, which poses as a major challenge.

The Rajasthan government, however, has overcome obstacles to ensure that electricity reaches all, regardless of their boundaries.

Impressively, over 5 lakh electricity connections have already been granted under the DDUGYY.


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