Dust storm in Rajasthan

While people in parts of eastern Rajasthan and UP are still dealing with the havoc created by the dust storm on Wednesday, the Meteorological i.e. weather forecast department has issued a warning regarding another storm that may hit the western parts of the state in the next 48 hours. Dust storm in Rajasthan

CM Raje also tweeted about the warning and said that the state is prepared for any such mishap: Dust storm in Rajasthan

The alert issued by the department has warned of hot winds accompanied by a storm that may affect the north east and North West parts of India. Apart from Rajasthan, many other states like Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and UP have also been warned of a probable thunderstorm in the next 2 days. Precisely, May 6 and May 7 are crucial dates on which another high speed storm might be witnessed.

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After which the issue of warnings and alert, Barmer authorities have alerted all the concerned officers in the district. According to District Collector Shiv Prasad Madan, all the revenue workers in the district have been instructed to be alert and be prepared to deal with the disaster relief. Dust storm in Rajasthan

In village panchayats, instructions have been given to submit information of JCB machine operators, truck owners, and social workers so that everything is ready when the calamity hits the place. Besides, people have also been warned to stay alert. Dust storm in Rajasthan

The high speed storm moving at more than 100 kmph destroyed houses, trees, and a lot of public property in Rajasthan’s 3 districts. The most affected parts of the state that were badly hit by the calamity were Bharatpur, Dholpur, and Alwar.

Several people died and many were injured after which CM Raje not only announced monetary aid for the affected people but she also visited the villages in Bharatpur and Dholpur and talked to the victims. She also extended financial aid of INR 4 Lakh each to all the families of those who died. Apart from this, she even announced additional aid of INR 5 Lakhs on her own. Dust storm in Rajasthan

In a series of tweets, she expressed her sorrow and sympathy towards the victims:



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