Following a humiliating defeat at the hands of Pakistan cricket team in the ICC Champion’s Trophy this Sunday, the cricket-crazy nation is still nursing its wounds. For avid cricket fans, it’s almost impossible to forget Jasprit Bumrah’s infamous ‘no ball’. The country rejoiced when Pakistani opener Fakhar Zaman’s catch fell into the Indian wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s hands in the ICC’s final this week. The empire’s call for “No Ball” put a damper on our moods. From a hero to a villain, Bumrah ended up committing the biggest blunder of his life. Taking lessons from this incident, Jaipur Traffic Police launched a safety campaign saying, “Don’t cross the line. You know it can be Costly”.


While Bumrah may not know, he ended up being the ‘mascot’ of Jaipur traffic police’s safety campaign. The cops used photos of Jasprit Bumrah overstepping the ‘line’ on the cricket field to propagate the importance of ‘control lines’ in our everyday lives.

Following the launch of Bumrah’s ‘Don’t overstep the line’ posters on social networking sites, the Jaipur traffic police are planning to use build hoardings and sign boards on the same lines. These boards will be displayed all over the city, in an attempt to discourage careless citizens from violating traffic rules.

According to Jaipur Commissioner of Police Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, the modern-day youth is reckless when it comes to following the traffic rules. Knowing that youngsters take cricket seriously, the police will make efforts to encash this statement. This ‘unique’ campaign will use ‘cricket’ to teach the youngsters not to jump red lights at jam-packed areas of Jaipur. It’ll also keep the vehicles behind the zebra crossing line so that the pedestrians can freely cross the road.

According to deputy commissioner of Traffic police, Ms. Lovely Katiyar, the ‘Bumrah centric’ campaign already got 449 likes and 521 retweets within two days. Besides running awareness campaigns and running fortnightly/ monthly inspections, the traffic police will come up with innovative messages and ideas like these to propagate the importance of traffic rules!


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