It’s a crucial day for both BJP and Congress in Rajasthan today as the much-awaited results of Dholpur bypolls 2017 will be declared soon. Dholpur elections were a matter of pride and power for the political parties that were eyeing the upcoming 2018 Rajasthan state assembly elections. Last two weeks witnessed a flurry of campaigns, roadshows and election strategies to wind local voters.

Based on the distribution of communities in Dholpur, the Kushwahas and Brahmins are backing BJP whereas the Gujjars and Muslims are inclined towards the Congress. This makes it hard to say which party will get the majority of votes.
In any case the early predictions hint at BJP’s impeding victory. The parties will fight neck-to-neck for votes but BJP, being the power at the state and the centre seems to have an upper hand over Congress in Dholpur. That’s all that we can say at this point.

Local news channels have started live election predictions.

  • BJP candidate Shobharani Kushwah has a clear lead (latest).
  • Rajasthan Election Commission has completed the third round of vote counting.
  • In the first round, BJP led by 2113 votes and 55 votes went in the NOTA category.
  • In the second round BJP led by 2630 votes.


 Round 20/20

 Round 19/20

Round 18/20

 Round 17/20

 Round 16/20

 Round 12/20

 Round 11/20

 Round 10/20

 Round 9/20

 Round 8/20

 Round 7/20

 Round 6/20

 Round 5/20

 Round 4/20

 Round 3/20
Disclaimer: The trend shown here have been made available on the basis of data entry done by the counting staff at the counting centers. Only results signed and declared by the Returning Officer have statutory validity.


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